Half term Horrors 1/5

I thought it would be fun to record what we get up to over half term. After a full 8 weeks of starting school and Uni we’re all tired and ready for some fun.

Day 1
N’s got a temperature. Great. This is probably the first ear infection of the winter. We’ve had crazy windy weather here over the last few days culminating in this morning’s St Jude’s day storm. N’s glue ear makes him particularly susceptible to ear infections so it all feels rather familiar. At least the storm has been kind to us, a few trees came down nearby but no major damage.

Today has been mostly operation keep N calm and happy. We’ve watched films (Spy Kids and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone), played games (We’re going on a bear hunt; Kerplunk), worked through an entire Ninjago activity book, assembled a particularly awkward cardboard robot, made all of H’s fiddly little Lego Friends sets, made a Dinosaur puzzle and pretended dinosaur games. All before teatime. At this rate I’ll be ready to go back to University for a rest by the end of the week!

2013-10-29 17.45.25