Things I learnt while camping with the kids


I took my kids camping for the first time this week – this is hopefully an amusing little reflection on what I learnt:

  1. You cannot take too many changes of socks or footwear when camping near a river.
  2. A tunnel tent is basically just an enormous kite.tent
  3. Toilet tents should never be erected with their backs to the wind, the loo seat won’t stay up…
  4. Toads are strangely attracted to grey groundsheets.Toad
  5. Don’t let a 5 year old pack trainers with laces unless you have the patience of a saint.
  6. If you find yourself the wrong side of the river with two tired kids, just take your shoes off and accept that you are going to get cold and wet.  Don’t get fooled by the idea that you can leap across to a dry section mid stream and pass the bags and kids across one at a time, this will only result in wading across several times on a freshly twisted ankle and some extremely soggy trainers.
  7. In a tent, a crying child sounds twice as loud as normal.  At night even more so.
  8. The plastic containers that multi-packs of blank DVDs come in make fantastic loo roll holders. Loo roll holder
  9. Don’t bother trying to put the kids to bed at a reasonable time.  An ice cream van will come and park up behind your tent two minutes later, just as your youngest decides they want the toilet.
  10. “No shoes in the tent” sounds like a great rule until the kids just run around everywhere in their socks.

Seriously we had a fantastic time.  I’m feeling very proud of myself for taking the kids camping on my own!  Now, back to that knitting…